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    SENI Care Moisturizing Shampoo – 500ml

    • Long-lasting effect
    • For delicate cleansing of dry and sensitive scalp prone to irritation and inflammation
    • For every hair type
    • Contains urea supporting natural exfoliation of dry epidermis and moisturising the scalp
    • Foams gently which makes it easy to rinse off in bedridden person
    • Scalp stays smooth and nourished after shampooing
    • Nourishes the scalp and conditions to restore hair healthy look
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    $19.70 $9.50

    SENI Care Moisturizing Body Emulsion Lotion For Dry Skin 4% UREA – 500ml

    • For everyday care for dry, sensitive and prone to irritiation skin
    • Soft improved formula
    • Protects the skin against harmful influence of the external factors
    • Contains trehalose which delays the process of creating volatile aldehydes
    • Soothes skin irritation, softens and firms the skin


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    $14.00 $7.85

    SENI Care Washing and Oiling Body Lotion – 500ml

    • delicate and effective skin moisturizing and oiling
    • soothes and nurtures the skin
    • it has skin friendly pH 5 – it stabilizes the acidic, protective coat of the skin
    • available in a comfortable container with a pump
    • For daily use
    • 500ml / Bottle
  • -56%
    $35.00 $15.50

    SENI Care Wash Cream 3 IN 1 – 1000ml

    • For everyday care for the skin prone to irritation, sensitive to soap and water
    • Leaves unharmed the natural hydrolipid barrier of the skin that protects the skin against harmful external factors
    • Refreshes the skin and leaves it soft to the touch
    • Contains SINODOR® – urine odour absorbent – and urea of softening and moisturising action.
  • -44%
    $14.60 $8.20

    SENI Care Body Care Cream With Zinc Oxide – 200ml

    prevents from inflammations, chafes and bedsores development

    leaves a white protective layer when applied on the skin

    nurtures and deeply moisturises the skin

    speeds up skin regeneration in cases of skin irritation

  • -32%
    $13.00 $8.90

    SENI Care Activating Body Gel With Guarana – 250ml

    • Everyday activation of sensitive skin at risk of chafes and bedsores
    • Natural guarana extract the gel improves blood microcirculation in the skin
    • Invigorating and refreshing effect
    • Moisturises the skin, relaxes and relieves tensed muscles
    • Natural components of antiseptic action supports the protective effect of the gel
  • -45%
    $13.00 $7.10

    SENI Care Skin Care Oil – 150ml

    • Everyday care and massage of the skin that is dry, sensitive and exposed to irritation, especially in bedridden people
    • Smoothes and firms the skin
    • Nourishes and protects the skin against overdrying
    • Specially selected ingredients the oil stimulates microcirculation, soothes and prevents irritation. Spreads easily.
  • -48%
    $13.00 $6.80

    SENI Care Regenerating Body Balm For Dry Skin – 250ml

    • Everyday care for dry, dehydrated skin.
    • Relieves the skin by making it less rough and eliminating excessive exfoliation.
    • Restores natural hydrolipid balance of the skin, protecting against harmful environmental factors.
    • Special composition of oiling and regenerating active ingredients effectively replenishes lipid deficiency in the skin.
  • -66%
    $19.70 $6.70

    SENI Care Cream For Dry Skin And Calloused Skin 10% UREA – 100ml

    • For everyday care for dehydrated, sensitive skin prone to irritation
    • Consistent light emulsion, spreads easily and absorbs quickly
    • Perfectly moisturizes
    • Soothes the skin irritation, improves condition of the skin
    • Protects the skin against harmful external factors
    • Effectively softens dry epidermis, smooths and improves the texture of the skin

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