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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Timing and Days


Questions: If I order today, when can I receive?



We ship out within 1-3 working days (95% of the time, the product is shipped out the next 1 working day) to Qxpress (Logistic arm of Qoo10) and Qxpress will take 1-2 more day to courier to your address.

Most clients receive their orders within 3 working days after ordering.

For products with longer lead time, they will be mentioned in our listings. Please take note that we do not operate on weekends, so working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.


Questions: When would Qxpress reach me?


We are unable to predict the exact date and time, as Qxpress do not attend to timing requests. As they have a large courier network, they usually do not call the receipent, and would just keep attempting delivery within 1-2 working days to reach you.


You will however, be able to trace your parcel in your Qoo10 account itself by clicking on the tracking button, or go to http://qxpress.asia and enter the tracking number to trace your parcel location to have a better gauge of when your parcel will arrive.


Questions: I have entered the wrong delivery address, can you change it for me?



Please contact us ASAP via Qpost or email us at info@seniorcare.com.sg. If we have not sent out your parcel, we will change the delivery address for you. However, if your parcel has already been sent out, please contact Qxpress at +65 6661 9100


Expiry Dates of Milk / Milk Feed Products


Questions: What is the expiry date?

As we are dealing with perishables, we keep low stocks volume and replenish our products from the local manufacturers twice a week.

Hence, all the products are of the latest expiry dates possible.

We are unable to provide you the exact expiry date currently, as by the time you ordered, it would be another batch from the manufacturer with another expiry date.


Blood Pressure Machines : OMRON HEM-7121 , OMRON HEM-7120 , OMRON HEM-JPN2


Questions: Authorised Dealer with local Warranty from Omron Singapore?


Yes, we are direct from Omron Singapore, with local warranty with local authorised service centre. Our products are not parallel imported, which are against HSA Regulations.


Questions: Calibration?


Omron BPM does not require and cannot be calibrated as it has been done upon manufacture. The computer core is made in Japan.


If you noticed that our meter accuracy is out of range please bring along the meter and the warranty card (or if you registered online, then there is no need for card) to Omron service center. During the 2 years of warranty we can provide free accuracy check, after the warranty period, Omron will levied a charge.


Questions: Country of Origin?



We are retailing from Omron Singapore, hence the 2 years warranty is provided by local vendors.

Omron is a Japanese brand.

JPN-2 Model is fully made and assembled in Japan. For other models such as the 7121, the computer core is Made in Japan and the model is assembled in Vietnam.


Rossmax is a UK brand.


Questions: HSA Approved?



Yes, it is HSA Approved. We are direct from Omron Singapore.

All our paper works and authorisation are in orders.


Questions: Online Warranty and Servicing by Omron?



Online warranty registering is more efficient and easy for clients.

There are 2 years warranty for products that are direct from Omron Singapore. The authorised dealer that will services all Omron products is Kingston Medical Supplies Pte Ltd


The warranty card do not need company stamp, you can just write that you bought on Qoo10. They are aware that we are a distributor online. For online registration, you do not need to mail in the warranty card.

This is their service centre: –



35 Tannery Road,

#11-01 Tannery Block

Ruby Industrial Complex

Singapore 347740


For customer and technical support, contact us at: support@kingsmed.com.sg


Operating hours:

Monday to Friday:

8.30am to 5.30pm

Lunch Time:

1.00pm to 2.00pm


Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays


Questions: How to Register the Warranty?




This is the online warranty registration.


Questions: HEM-7121 & HEM-7120 Differences?



7120 is basic model with no memory capacity, you only see the reading for the last attempt.

7121 is the same version with 30 memory capacity, it can store the last 30 readings.


Questions: Receipt?



The receipt is issued by Qoo10, and sent to your email as proof of purchase when you just finished your purchase online. You can also refer to your account for purchase history.
If you had registered your warranty online, there is no need for receipt to visit Omron Authorised Service Centre.

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