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Isocal Reviews – Nutrient Information – Liquid or Powder?

Isocal Reviews of Nutrient Information

Some elderly or patients suffering from disease, trauma or premature birth may be unable to consume food orally. Some examples may be burn victims, cancer patients or other chronic illness victims. In such cases, they have to depends on tube feeding (also known as enternal nutrition) to deliver adequate calories and nutrients. Isocal is a specially formulated nutrient solution to use in either tube-feeding or oral consumption to meet a person’s nutrient and energy’s needs.

Isocal can be consumed by mouth or tube.

Do note that Isocal liquid, or the isocal powder (mixed with water) can be taken as an oral supplementation. Nutritionists may though suggest Ensure Life, Ensure Plus etc as a more common milkfeed. Isocal is recommended for those lactose intolerance or to avoid diarrhoea problems associated with lactose. It is also recommended as an isotonic feeding to avoid problems associated with diets of high osmolar concentrations.  Hence many caretakers tend to have Isocal products for tube feeding purposes. It also contains MCT oil which facilitates digestion and absorption of fats. 100% of United States’ RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances) are fulfilled in 2000 kcals of Isocal.

 Nutrient Information

Isocal liquid or powder is a lactose-free, isotonic formula. There are 1,060 calories in a single serving size of 1,000 ml. It is designed as an overall, complete tube-feeding formulas that are high in carbohydrates, protein, fats and vital nutrients and minerals for a person’s daily nutritional requirements. A single serving of 1,000 ml contains 45 % daily value of carbohydrates and 68 % daily value of protein and fat. It contains more than the recommended daily value of vitamin C,  B-12, B-6, E, riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid and is adequate in a variety of other nutrients and minerals.

Preparation and Administration of Isocal

Isocal liquid comes as a Ready-To-Drink or ready-to-use formula that requires no mixing or preparation before feeding. Isocal powder would require mixing with water prior to use. For oral consumption, just drink like any milk drinks.

For tube feeding, caretakers should check that the tube is clean. It should be administered at room temperature as a slow, continuous drip according to the rate per hour prescribed by a physician. Caretakers must note to adjust the rate to ease unwanted side effects or according to the comfort level of the patients. Caretakers can either use a bag filled with the formula and hanging above the patient, to allow the the formulate to drip slowly through the feeding tube via “gravity feeding”, or he/she can use a pump that controls the rate of delivery. Once feeding is complete, regular flushing of the tube is recommended to prevent clogging and to keep the tube clean.

Side Effects and how to adjust

Tube feeding may have unpleasant side effects of diarrhea, constipation or nausea and vomiting. This is especially so when a patient first start tube feeding as his/her body adjusts to the formula. Isocal is designed without milk (lactose) to reduce occurrence of diarrhea or side effects for those who are lactose intolerant. It is isotonic to avoid problems associated with diets of high osmolar concentrations.


If not opened, isocal liquid need not be refrigerated. Isocal Liquid and Isocal Powder should be kept in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. Once opened or mixed, isocal solutions should be kept refrigerated. At room temperature, it should be used within 6 or 8 hours. Do provide ample water to prevent dehydration, side effects and other complications. To prevent aspiration, conduct the feeding with an individual sitting up at an angle of at least 30 degrees and this should continue 30 to 60 minutes after feedings.

Isocal Liquid

Isocal Liquid

For convenience, Isocal Liquid comes Ready-To-Drink or Ready-To-Use. Each pack is 237ml, and each carton has 24 packets. You may buy from us at Isocal Liquid 237ml

Isocal Powder 425g

Isocal Powder 425g

For affordable, value for money, you can buy the powder version to custom mix your formula requirement. You can buy from us at Isocal Powder 425g

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